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Five Reasons You Need to Consider Hiring a Tax Attorney

Posted on : August 3, 2017
hire a tax lawyer for these issues

When encountering a snag with the IRS or any other tax issue, it may seem like the easiest thing to do to try to manage this on your own. However, making mistakes early on in the process or even later on when the situation has escalated can lead to further problems and aggravations for you. There are five primary reasons why it makes sense to hire a St. Louis tax attorney to assist you with your problem. Contacting an attorney promptly gives you the best possible opportunity to resolve this issue. The main reasons why you need to hire a tax attorney include:

  •    Time is money. With more than 1700 pages of fine print, a tax lawyer can help you sort through the IRS code that applies to you.
  •    Missed deductions. Especially if you own a business, new equipment, travel and many other items can be deductible business expenses but these come with very specific requirements. If there is a question over whether or not something you’ve already provided fits into the framework, you need a tax attorney to assist you.
  •    Connection to higher ups in the chain. When you contact the IRS, you may not be getting someone at a supervisory level. However, a tax attorney in St. Louis may have a better chain or connection to the IRS employees who can help the most.
  •    Immediate assistance with elevated issues. If you have a serious tax issue, you need to consult with an attorney immediately to stop the situation from going into a lien or wage garnishment status. Consulting with a lawyer can help to delay or stop this issue by giving you a path.
  •    Understanding of your rights. You may not be familiar of all of your rights as a taxpayer when first contacting the IRS on your own. However, your lawyer can walk you through the process and help you understand what you need to do and the rights to which you are entitled.
  •    Understanding of tax laws. Tax laws change all the time as do IRS interpretations of that tax code. Having an attorney who is familiar with these aspects can be of great value to you.


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