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What Does a Tax Attorney Do?

Posted on : September 7, 2017
hire a tax lawyer to help with complex issues

A tax lawyer is a professional who focuses on tax law and assists taxpayers when they are having complex problems with their State Revenue Department or the Internal Revenue Service. Tax attorneys can help business owners to solve problems on business taxes, but they also assist with personal taxes. Tax attorneys can prove crucial in assisting with reducing fines, getting through audits and understanding self-employment and small business tax issues. Furthermore, they can become a vital asset in managing complex business transactions, such as liquidations or mergers and interpreting tax liability of a broad range of decisions.

Many people hire tax attorneys when their accountant has done a poor job of managing their finances, when it is too late to hire another CPA or when they do not have an accountant. The tax legalities associated in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service can become extremely overwhelming and frustrating for a lay person, but a tax attorney can step in. When you are under criminal investigation by the IRS, have committed tax fraud, need an independent review of your case, or plan to bring a lawsuit against the IRS. Other people may choose to hire a tax lawyer when they are thinking about establishing international business contracts or starting their own business. Tax questions can be answered by an attorney well in advance, but a lawyer can also be extremely beneficial when you are facing a current tax issue that requires insight from an experienced attorney.

Don’t wait to reach out to someone who can help you protect your rights in a complicated tax situation. Trying to figure things out on your own exposes you to mistakes and further penalties, so the sooner that you engage with an attorney who can give you a realistic assessment, the better prepared you will be for the future. Gather your evidence and schedule a meeting now with a tax lawyer in St. Louis you can trust so that you know where you really stand. Don’t be someone who waits too long to reach out for assistance- in any tax situation, you can benefit from the insight of a lawyer.


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