FL Attorney For IRS Bank Levies in Central Florida

Discovering that you are subject to an IRS bank levy can be an unwelcome and frustrating situation but it is one you can respond to orlando tax levies attorneyquickly with the help of an experienced attorney. If the IRS has already levied your bank in Florida and you have lost a lot of money, you need to get help from an experienced attorney. A bank levy usually happens after the IRS has failed to get in touch with you.

A series of IRS letters will be sent to inform you about the owed amount of tax and potential levy. If you have hired an experienced Florida tax lawyer, you can get the assistance provided with a financial analysis.

Analyzing Your Finances To Avoid IRS Bank Levies

Analyzing your monthly expenses and income can determine whether or not you have grounds to pursue a financial hardship case or whether a bank levy could put you into financial hardship. Any necessary documentation should be gathered immediately. The next phase is to prepare you to get into compliance. After you are compliant with any past two tax returns, you can then enter into formal resolution such as an offer and compromise or installment agreement. Once you have a formal agreement with the IRS, the bank levy can be released. It is important to contact a knowledgeable tax attorney as soon as possible.

Your IRS Tax Levy Rights And Responsibilities

You need to have an awareness of your rights and responsibilities to avoid the consequences of a bank levy. This could put you in a difficult financial position but thankfully, a lawyer may be used to resolve things sooner rather than later. Trying to resolve things on your own can end in a frustrating situation if you are not able to find someone at the IRS who can help you or if you are confused about the necessary rules. For this reason, you need to hire a Florida tax lawyer who has successfully helped many other people handle IRS bank levies to assist you with charting a path for the future.

Lump Sum Or Offer In Compromise Options For IRS Tax Levies

Whether you have a lump sum money that you wish to offer or as an offer in compromise or whether you intend to get set up on a payment arrangement to help you pay down your past-due taxes, this can avoid negative consequences such as an IRS bank levy, wage garnishment or federal IRS tax liens. All of the issues surrounding IRS problems have to do with complicated federal regulations and laws and therefore, you need an attorney who is highly knowledgeable about how to best protect your interests from the moment you begin receiving correspondence. The sooner you act by hiring an experienced attorney the more prepared you will be to handle this situation. Contact our office for assistance today.