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Consulting with a knowledgeable attorney as soon as you identify that you are under investigation or have questionsTax Law Attorney Orlando FL about compliance with an existing tax issue is extremely important. A full-service tax practice in Florida can give you the necessary information to prepare a plan for compliance and avoid problems with the State Department of Revenue as well as the IRS. Unfortunately, far too many businesses or individuals wait until it is too late and they are facing a problem such as an tax audit or another tax-related issue.

Some of the ways we help our clients include:

    • Property taxes

Tax Law Knowledge Makes A Difference

Although it is still beneficial to retain a tax law attorney when you find yourself in this position, it is even more valuable to have a knowledgeable attorney working at your side from the moment that you found your business or identify that you need a long-term plan. You need a Florida tax attorney with unrivaled legal representation who will give your assistance with a broad range of issues. You should never have to deal with the State Department of Revenue or the IRS on your own. And in fact, doing so can expose you to serious problems.

When you are struggling with a tax issue that is currently pending with the State Department of Revenue or the IRS, you will need a lawyer in your corner who is familiar with the complicated tax issues and codes and what he or she can do to assist you. A licensed tax attorney will have helped many other clients in similar situations before, whether you are currently attempting to manage an ongoing issue or whether you intend to put a plan in place to avoid tax problems in the future. Bear in mind that personal service from a qualified tax and IRS attorney can give you practical and real help in the time you need it most.

Covering All Of Your Tax Bases

Remember that the IRS has numerous tools in their arsenal when they believe that you owe taxes including levying bank accounts, garnishing your wages and putting liens on your property. If you have a question regarding a sales tax problem, foreign reporting, a disputed tax return, unfiled taxes, a payroll tax liability matter, Tax Evasion or any other tax concern, you need the services provided by a dedicated and experienced law firm.

Personalized service provided to you directly by an experienced lawyer will give you more peace of mind about the management of your claim with regard to issues in state/federal court, in addition to the U.S. tax court. Unfortunately, many Americans and people living in Florida have issues with back taxes.

Owing taxes to the state authorities or the IRS can be very stressful, but failing to resolve the problem can make the situation even worse. A caring tax attorney can help you to put together an optimal agreement including an offer in compromise or an installment plan to help you with proven strategies. It is a big mistake to simply ignore the problem- you will only make it worse and put yourself at risk for more penalties. Rest assured that if you are struggling with complex tax problems that a lawyer is your most valuable asset when you need to raise claims with the DOR or the IRS.

The Process Can Be Frustrating

Trying to handle things on your own only serves to make the entire process more frustrating- you may not be able to tax problems in floridaget ahold of the right person, your paperwork could be lost, and you could make mistakes that end up costing you significantly. The average taxpayer is not comfortable or confident enough to handle these complicated issues and that’s why a lawyer’s insight is so valuable. Hiring the right Florida tax attorney is one of the most important things you will do in your case and it could save you money, time, and frustration.

Fixing things effectively is a typical course of action for a lawyer practicing in this field for years. What your outcome looks like will vary from one case to another, but a lawyer is always beneficial.

A knowledgeable tax attorney will have a complex understanding of how the tax system works and help you to put together the best solution.

Unpaid IRS Taxes

If you owe unpaid taxes to the IRS or have recently received communication from them that you will be under an IRS Audit, you need an attorney immediately. Do not ever try to hide from IRS or fall into the trap of trying to talk to them yourself without professional representation from a Florida tax lawyer. If the IRS is demanding that you agree to a payment plan that is more than you can afford or that you make full payment of back taxes, you need to consider the potential downfalls of doing so. Many taxpayers will try to communicate with the IRS on their own to negotiate a monthly payment plan. The IRS may try to use this conversation as an opportunity to learn detailed information about your employment, types of vehicles, income, and the amount of your mortgage payments.

IRS employees are trained to gather as much information from you as possible which could later be used against you if you fail to agree on payment plan amount. This roadmap will be used to help them decide when and how they want to institute a bank levy, place liens, or seize your assets.

Facing Unpaid Tax Charges In Florida?

When you need help negotiating with the IRS or getting back on track with a tax payment plan, you need the assistance of a Florida florida unpaid tax attorneyunpaid taxes attorney. Any business or individual taxpayer who receives a notice from the government regarding back or unpaid taxes must understand the urgency of their situation. Penalties and interest can be accumulated quickly if you do not take action by hiring an experienced Florida unpaid tax attorney. Complex tax issues should be referred directly to a knowledgeable lawyer.

Florida Unpaid Taxes Attorney

Dedicated legal assistance can give you significant benefits whether you are an individual or a corporate taxpayer. Your attorney should also be dedicated to minimizing your tax liabilities. There are many different reasons people find themselves having unpaid taxes including an audit that led to a tax deficiency, underreporting income, overstating deductions, or not filing and having the IRS prepare a substitute for return.

Tax debt, however, can accumulate extremely quickly. The IRS can assess penalties for failure to file or underpayment and interest can also accrue from the required filing date for every tax year.

Overwhelming Unpaid Back Taxes

Accruing interest and penalties can transform what was initially a modest amount of unpaid back taxes into unmanageable debt, leading to bank levies, forfeiture, the revocation of your passport and liens against your property. You need an tax attorney who will work diligently to assist you with unpaid tax situations. Unpaid back taxes can often be overwhelming for anyone who receives a notice from the government directly. It may be tempting to ignore this entirely because you were unsure of what to do to get back on track.

Possible Payment Plans For Unpaid Florida Taxes

There are options available to you, but the sooner you are able to act, the more options will be presented immediately to you and to your advantage. Talking with an attorney immediately can help you figure out the steps you need to take to show the IRS that you will do everything possible to get back on track with your unpaid taxes. Payment plans are available but if you wait too long, the IRS can take additional action. Given that the IRS has an extremely broad reach into your personal and professional life to accumulate money that is owed to them, you need to take necessary steps to get back on track on your own with the assistance of a Florida unpaid back taxes lawyer.

Florida Tax Attorney To Minimize Your Tax Liability

An unpaid tax attorney will be knowledgeable about how to communicate with the government agency to minimize your liability and to ensure that you are provided with opportunities to pay the taxes without additional consequences. The sooner you take action, the less likely you are to suffer the severe and catastrophic consequences of unpaid taxes. Don’t wait too long to get help because your future is on the line and there are many different benefits afforded to you when you retain an attorney who has practiced in this field for years. Do not try to negotiate with the IRS on your own or to ignore this information entirely. Getting prompt help from an experienced Florida unpaid taxes lawyer is the only way to protect your future. Contact us today.

IRS Collections

An IRS collection officer may want you to commit to a payment amount that you will be unable to afford and if you disagree, you will have given the IRS all of the information necessary to go after your house, assets, bank accounts and wages. If you agree to hire a monthly payment amount, disregarding national standards, the IRS is not mandated to inform you about the alternative programs or your rights. These regulations state that a taxpayer who enters into a payment plan with the IRS is entitled to a certain allowance on housing, clothing, food, medical expenses, and transportation. However, you need to hire a Florida tax lawyer who is familiar with all of the strategies that could ultimately be used to resolve back tax problems.

Re-evaluation Of National Standards

First of all, one procedure that you may pursue is non-collectible. If you are declared non-collectible, the IRS will Tax Resources in Orlando Floridastop hounding you for back taxes immediately. If you have no disposable income, the IRS can still reevaluate national standards although being declared as non-collectible will stop any further collections for up to two years. They will evaluate future tax returns to figure out whether your income has increased and then will consider resuming collection actions. A payment plan is another option available to you when you hire an experienced Florida tax lawyer. The amount that you will pay to the IRS is determined by incorporating national standard allowances for housing, clothing, and other expenses into an appropriate monthly payment.

An offer in compromise is another opportunity to settle your debt to IRs for less than what you owe. This requires equity and assets and your net monthly income to come up with the minimum acceptable offer amount. This is very cumbersome and complicated process since the IRS would much prefer to collect all of the taxes due. However, this means that your attorney should put in considerable effort and time to review your unique financial situation when they analyze whether or not an offer and compromise are in your best interest.

Appeals and Abatement Of Penalties

Appeals and abatement of penalties are other options available to you when you hire an experienced Florida tax lawyer who can evaluate your individual situation and figure out what is most appropriate for you. It is not uncommon for business owners and individuals to have questions about their taxes but failing to find the appropriate answers to these questions can lead to a bigger issue. If you do not rectify issues with the IRS, it could lead to criminal prosecution and therefore, you need an experienced Florida tax attorney who can evaluate your individual situation.

At some point in time, practically every citizen in America will have some type of issue with the IRS. Whether it is not filing, owing more money than you are capable of paying, filing late, or incurring penalties, there are many different ways that the IRS can engage you in an adversarial way. Many of these encounters can make business owners and individuals feel hopeless and lost because the cost of battling the IRS can be a great challenge.

Ignoring Your Tax Problems Our Of Fear Or Stress Will Not Make Them Go Away

Ignoring your tax problems, however, is another common mistake because this does not make them go away. The tax law attorney in central floridapenalties and interests that accrue can only make the problem worse and can put you in a difficult cycle that is impossible to escape. You need someone who has handled many different types of IRS situations who can walk you through these and help you figure out the right solution for you. You need the services provided by a Florida tax lawyer who will not look at you in judgment but rather consider your individual situation and figure out what is most appropriate for you.

Tax Information And Resources

Many people have medical bills they can’t pay or suffer in an accident, others are suffering financial hardship because they were recently divorced. Unfortunately, many good people across Florida have debt problems and you are not alone. A Florida unpaid taxes lawyer is your most important resource as you move forward with a legal case. Whether it’s property taxes, sales taxes, or employment issues, you deserve to have a lawyer at your side.

Many people assume that they could discharge their taxes in bankruptcy although this is hardly ever the case. For this reason, you will need a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the options available to you and who can help you with figuring out the most appropriate ways to come into compliance as soon as possible.

It’s Common To Fall Behind On Tax Issues

Often you have fallen behind on tax issues because you are unsure of what to do or you do not have the funds to pay your back taxes. In these unique situations, you need the services of a lawyer who will evaluate your past tax returns or help you come into compliance immediately as well as minimizing the potential consequences.

There are many different reasons why you could benefit from hiring a Florida tax lawyer and taking action promptly is recommended because the penalties and other potential consequences can stack up quickly. Far too many people put off getting help with their complicated tax issues because they have anxiety or fear over the situation. While this is a natural response, it is not helping you to make things any easier. IRS matters and Florida Department of Revenue matters are sensitive and extremely crucial and even a minor mistake can cost you dearly in the form of money and time.

Protect Yourself And Your Future

If you want to protect yourself as well as your business from interest, penalties, and even criminal actions, it is a good plan to hire someone who is knowledgeable about tax representation to manage this situation for you. Your Florida tax attorney will have the background knowledge to put together a clean action plan for your case and to put it into place.  

Tax representatives are licensed, trained, and prepared to manage the details involved in the tax settlement and resolution process. If you are having problems with the IRS, only a knowledgeable Florida tax attorney can give you attorney-client privilege. This means that your lawyer is exempt from appearing in court to testify against you and that if your tax case should get to trial and you have chosen to work with CPA or tax preparation company, your CPA might actually testify and harm your case.  

Obtaining A Tax Settlement

Only a Florida tax attorney will have dedicated experience in obtaining tax settlements. While a CPA could be aware tax settlement in orlando floridaof certain tax settlement options, they do not have a comprehensive understanding of the specifics of the relevant programs as well as the importance of the details in applying for these. Tax codes and laws are extremely complex and can change on an annual basis. There are many different programs available to taxpayers in challenging situations to get back on track and to come back into compliance without having to pay all of the necessary penalties typically assessed by the IRS. Consulting with an attorney will give you a greater sense of confidence about the management of your case and peace of mind. Contact us today for assistance.

Attorney For Florida Unfiled Tax Returns

If you have unfiled tax returns, it’s tempting to want to ignore this situation and to assume that you’ll be fine if you can just buy some orlando unfiled tax lawyermore time. Unfortunately, unfiled tax returns in Florida or anywhere else across the country can lead to serious consequences if you allow the IRS to take action based on the details they already have. It is highly likely that any information they have obtained doesn’t present the full picture and this can put you at risk for serious consequences. If you have received notice of unfiled taxes, you need to take action quickly by hiring and experienced Tax Attorney.

IRS Payment Plans

You need someone to help you become current with your delinquent or unfiled tax returns and back taxes, to work out an IRS settlement, or IRS payment plans. Many taxpayers don’t file their tax returns since they are concerned about having the money to pay their taxes. This can turn what is initially a civil tax collection problem into a criminal tax investigation.

Other taxpayers don’t fix the situation because they have failed to retain their records and receipts or have lost them. This is a major mistake. This is because the IRS enables taxpayers to file estimated tax returns. This is a report about what the taxpayer believes they earned and spent over the course of a tax year. Not having receipts or records is not a compelling defense when you’re facing a charge of failure to file a tax return.

Civil Penalties For Unfiled Taxes

You have to estimate your expenses and income and file, and an experience Florida unfiled tax returns lawyer can help you when you have been accused of this. The IRS may be unforgiving if you do not take prompt action by hiring a Florida unfiled taxes attorney. This can lead to civil penalties for failing to file which could be assessed on a monthly basis or criminal charges for tax evasion. These allegations can include serious criminal penalties and time in jail. Furthermore, you are at a minimum looking at interest and penalties on unpaid and back taxes. Penalties are usually higher for any taxpayer who fails to file a return versus an individual who filed and failed to pay the back taxes owed.

Any taxpayer in this situation needs the experienced services of a Florida tax lawyer. Your goal of your attorney should be to bring you in compliance with U.S. tax laws while ensuring that you pay the lowest amount of tax required to pay. You need an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in handling issues associated with an unfiled tax return. The IRS will file the tax return on your behalf if you do not file one, which can lead to serious consequences.

Unfiled Tax Returns Resulting In Collections, Levies Or Liens

Other information from your W2s and 1099s may be used to create this tax return but this will not evaluate your credits, expenses, or deductions. Furthermore, other adverse consequences associated with allowing the IRS to file your return include collections against you placing levies or liens on your property, assessing a tax due equal to the overstated tax liability, and overstating your real estate tax liability. Taxes due from a substitute for return cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, making it all the more important to hire a knowledgeable attorney today. Contact us for help now.

Payroll Tax Liability Lawyer Serving Central Florida

Any type of payroll tax violation can lead to serious consequences if you’re not careful. If you payroll tax liability in Orlandobelieve that you are already under investigation for a Florida payroll tax liability problem or have been charged with a crime, you need to consult with an experienced Florida tax attorney immediately. Failing to deposit Social Security taxes and withholding are some of the most common payroll tax violations that happen in the state of Florida.

You need an attorney who can help you understand your issue as well as to resolve it so that you can avoid the serious penalties that you may otherwise face. Many taxes are withheld from an employee’s paycheck and have to be turned over to the IRS promptly.

Florida Payroll Liability: Payroll Size And Tax Deposit

Depending on payroll size, tax deposit could be required as soon as the day after the checks are cut and officially delivered to employees. Penalties and interest will begin to accrue if the deposits are not made in a timely fashion and these amounts could grow to exceed the amount of tax due overall. Business owners who are struggling to pay their bills and the payroll may neglect to make those payroll tax payments until the problem has gotten to the point of being unmanageable and requires the assistance of a Florida payroll tax violations attorney.

To make things even more complicated, you could be facing felony charges for failure to remit payroll taxes, in addition to criminal and civil penalties that compound very quickly. Help could be available if you reach out to get assistance from an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Payroll tax liability may be minimized in many cases if you understand the relevant regulations, IRS rules and procedures.

Disputing Tax Liability Calculations

You could dispute the calculation of the tax or the failure to remit the taxes could be the fault of an employee. This means the business owner may not be held personally responsible. You need the help of an attorney who has extensive experience helping business owners handle the payroll tax matters in a number of different ways including offers in compromise, installment agreements, short-term deferrals, or negotiating a release of payroll tax levies and federal tax liens.

Payroll taxes withheld from an employee are held in what is known as a constructive trust, which names the IRS as the beneficiary. The business owner other individual at the company is responsible for paying the tax could be held personally responsible with a penalty equal to 100% of the total taxes due in addition to interests. Worker classification is another common source of payroll tax disputes directly with the IRS.

Unemployment Taxes And Income Tax Withholding

Unemployment taxes and income tax withholding that could be required for employees are not required for independent contractors brought on by the business owner. It is important to understand the various laws that intersect and generate concerns and questions on the part of business owners. Consult with a knowledgeable Florida payroll tax violations attorney immediately to understand your rights as well as responsibilities.

Florida Tax Evasion Attorney

If you are currently under investigation or have already been charged with tax evasion, your willingness to take action quickly to protect orlando tax evasion attorneyyourself is extremely important to combat these severe and life-changing charges. There is a very fine line between tax avoidance and tax evasion but the consequences associated with each are extremely different.

Avoiding To Pay Your Taxes

Tax avoidance is in many ways legal and is often the purpose of tax planning. Tax evasion as well as allegations of tax fraud however, can lead to criminal implications linked to years in prison and heavy fines. If you discover an error on your business of individual tax return or are currently under IRS investigation for alleged tax evasion, you need professional and confidential assistance from a knowledgeable Florida tax lawyer immediately.

Misrepresented Financial Status

Purposely misrepresenting the financial status of the business or an individual by declaring less income than earned, overstating deductions, or omitting sources of income altogether is classified as tax evasion. Other types of criminal tax evasion claims can emerge as a result of commingling personal and business expenses, creating tax-exempt legal entities, and misrepresenting your county of residence. Other tax-related crimes for which you may wish to hire a Florida tax attorney to include tax fraud, failing to file your return, and filing a false return.

A CPA Is Not The Same As A  Tax Attorney

Some taxpayers might turn to their accountants for assistance, however, your CPA cannot provide you with the same level of assistance as a knowledgeable tax attorney in Florida. When you work with a tax lawyer, all of your communications are protected by attorney-client privilege. Many taxpayers turn to an experienced Florida tax lawyer after discovering an error on their tax returns or receiving

correspondence directly from the IRS. To minimize the potential consequences and to enhance your awareness of the situation, you need to consult with a Florida tax attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights.

FL Attorney For IRS Bank Levies in Central Florida

Discovering that you are subject to an IRS bank levy can be an unwelcome and frustrating situation but it is one you can respond to orlando tax levies attorneyquickly with the help of an experienced attorney. If the IRS has already levied your bank in Florida and you have lost a lot of money, you need to get help from an experienced attorney. A bank levy usually happens after the IRS has failed to get in touch with you.

A series of IRS letters will be sent to inform you about the owed amount of tax and potential levy. If you have hired an experienced Florida tax lawyer, you can get the assistance provided with a financial analysis.

Analyzing Your Finances To Avoid IRS Bank Levies

Analyzing your monthly expenses and income can determine whether or not you have grounds to pursue a financial hardship case or whether a bank levy could put you into financial hardship. Any necessary documentation should be gathered immediately. The next phase is to prepare you to get into compliance. After you are compliant with any past two tax returns, you can then enter into formal resolution such as an offer and compromise or installment agreement. Once you have a formal agreement with the IRS, the bank levy can be released. It is important to contact a knowledgeable tax attorney as soon as possible.

Your IRS Tax Levy Rights And Responsibilities

You need to have an awareness of your rights and responsibilities to avoid the consequences of a bank levy. This could put you in a difficult financial position but thankfully, a lawyer may be used to resolve things sooner rather than later. Trying to resolve things on your own can end in a frustrating situation if you are not able to find someone at the IRS who can help you or if you are confused about the necessary rules. For this reason, you need to hire a Florida tax lawyer who has successfully helped many other people handle IRS bank levies to assist you with charting a path for the future.

Lump Sum Or Offer In Compromise Options For IRS Tax Levies

Whether you have a lump sum money that you wish to offer or as an offer in compromise or whether you intend to get set up on a payment arrangement to help you pay down your past-due taxes, this can avoid negative consequences such as an IRS bank levy, wage garnishment or federal IRS tax liens. All of the issues surrounding IRS problems have to do with complicated federal regulations and laws and therefore, you need an attorney who is highly knowledgeable about how to best protect your interests from the moment you begin receiving correspondence. The sooner you act by hiring an experienced attorney the more prepared you will be to handle this situation. Contact our office for assistance today.

Central Florida Tax Liens Attorney

If you have already received communication from a state or federal government agency that they intend to take Florida state tax liens attorneyaction based on your tax situation, you need to speak with an experienced Florida tax lien lawyer immediately. If you do not pay your taxes or neglect to pay them, you owe a government debt.

The government has the opportunity to name a lien against you to reclaim this debt. This protects the government’s interest in your property whether it is your house, your financial assets, or your personal property. You will not be able to sell or refinance a house when a lien exists against the property.

Florida State Tax Liens

Contacting an experienced Florida tax liens attorney is the only way to figure out the options currently available to you and the sooner you do so the more chances you will have to fix this situation. If the IRS has identified how much is owed in interest, taxes, and any fees and makes you aware of this debt, they are within their rights to establish a tax lien against you. This can have big implications for your financial health and can also make it hard for you to sell the current property or to get new loans or credits. It can also not be discharged in bankruptcy. There are several different options you have available to you when you receive a notice of an IRS lien and these include withdrawals, discharge of property, subordination, or payment of debt in full.

Potential Ramifications of Florida Tax Liens

The right attorney will help you figure out the potential ramifications of the lien as well as engage on your behalf with any state revenue agency or the IRS to figure out what can be done to fix this situation as soon as possible. Do not ignore these notices as the consequences can become more and more serious overtime. Taking action promptly by hiring a knowledgeable attorney is the only way to figure out what is next for you and to minimize the consequences of IRS tax liens and other problems. Most people are overwhelmed by this situation and this is a natural response but protecting yourself with the services of a tax lawyer who handles these kinds of cases on a daily basis is the best way to chart a path moving forward. Contact our office for assistance today.

Orlando Attorney for Federal Tax Liens: What You Need To Know

If you have recently received documentation that you may be subjected to a federal IRS bank lien, orlando tax lien attorneyyou still have options available to you but it is necessary to act quickly in order to protect your individually held assets or your business. You need someone who will forcefully defend you against IRS actions including levies and tax liens. The IRS maintains two very powerful tools at their disposable, tax levies and liens and garnishment. If you have had a tax efficiency set against you, one will be attached to all of your real and personal property.

The IRS can then take your tax refunds, bank accounts, income, and assets to satisfy the debt. After your deficiency has been identified, the IRS could put a lien on all of your personal and real property. This includes any properties managed by a third party such as rental income, alimony payments and more.

How a Federal Tax Lien Affects You

The IRS can levy or sell those properties to keep those proceeds. The IRS could also maintain the option to furnish any tax refunds and your income. Since IRS tax liens are a matter of public record, you will want to take action sooner rather than later to protect your best interests. After you have received notice of your IRS tax levy or lien, you have a limited number of days to file a collection due process hearing, an internal appeal within the IRS.

  • You have to respond to every notice you receive. If you do not respond to a notice you receive, you have missed the chance to file an appeal, you have zero protection against their collection activities. You need a lawyer in Florida who will take immediate steps to help prevent levies, secretly submitting liens, and stop collection activities.
  • The most effective way to discontinue collection activity from the IRS is to become compliant immediately. But this does not always mean that you have to pay the tax liability in full. You may be able to resolve your tax debt for lower than the total amount owed. After you have gotten notice of a pending collection action, you need an experienced Florida tax levy lawyer who can evaluate your individual circumstances and identify a potential strategy for your future.
  • Having a Florida Tax attorney at your side is the only way to figure out what is most appropriate in protecting your interests and this is an action you should take sooner rather than later to empower you with the necessary steps to protect your future.     

Call our office today and speak to experienced Orlando Tax Lien attorneys.

IRS Wage Garnishment Lawyer In Central Florida

If you have received notification from the IRS that you are subject to wage garnishment, this is the government’s florida wage garnishment attorneyattempt to collect a debt that is owed them in terms of taxes you have neglected or failed to pay in the past. Prompt action from an experienced Florida wage garnishment lawyer is the only way to figure out a path forward when you need to protect your best interests.

Otherwise, your financial situation can be severely impacted by an IRS wage garnishment. You need to know about your options as soon as possible because the IRS can put levies and garnishments on your social security payments, bank accounts, wages, pension payments and more.

IRS Wage Garnishment Removal

In many cases, an experienced Florida attorney can help to remove these garnishments. But you need to be brought into compliance immediately and to consult with an experienced attorney.

In other situations, your IRS wage garnishment lawyer may be able to show that the levy is putting you in a position of financial hardship and having the IRS release it immediately. All of these steps begin with a prompt financial analysis by a knowledgeable attorney. Your lawyer will analyze your monthly expenses and income to determine whether or not you are currently in the position to receive a financial hardship protection.

Wage Garnishment Causing A Financial Hardship

You need to consider whether or not an immediate release is an option after you have completed the financial analysis with the help of Florida tax lawyer. If the garnishment does not put you in a financial hardship, you need to get into compliance as soon as possible. In many cases, this involves filing past due tax returns. You need to gather all of your documentation and share it with your Florida IRS wage garnishment lawyer to figure out what you need to do to be brought into compliance.

IRS Wage Garnishment Resolutions

This is often the best way to take a first step forward towards protecting your interests and avoiding the negative consequences of wage garnishment. A formal resolution such as an offer and compromise or installment agreement is strongly recommended after you have had an attorney review all of the issues in your case and figure out what is most appropriate for you. Many firms that offer to get your wage garnishments released will have complicated requirements but working with an attorney gives you the best possible choice for unveiling all of your options sooner rather than later. Contact our office for assistance today.

Orlando Sales Tax Crimes: What You Need To Know

The proper payment of sales tax is required in Florida and in all other states throughout the sales-tax-charges-orlandocountry. An allegation that you have not been compliant with sales tax laws can lead to criminal consequences. This is why it is important to retain an experienced Florida sales tax attorney immediately. If you have already received community from an investigator working for the Florida Department of Revenue, it is strongly recommended that you avoid talking to this person.

Supporting Criminal Charges For Sales Tax Crimes

Their goal is to find enough information to support a criminal prosecution through a state’s attorney. If an investigator is already involved with the DOR case, then the state may already hold some evidence that you could be guilty of a crime.

There are serious penalties for tax fraud and tax evasion in the state of Florida and you could be looking at felony allegations, years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. If you ultimately are convicted of a sales tax crime, the penalties can be severe. A Florida sales tax attorney can assist you with developing a prompt defense. Sales tax fraud could include:

  • Failure to pay taxes owed
  • Failing to file taxes
  • Submitting inaccurate or fraudulent records
  • Making false claims on sales tax returns
  • Failing to report exempt and gross sales
  • Falsifying records to avoid tax responsibilities
  • Helping someone else in assisting fraudulent tax records

Underreported Sales Tax

If the Florida Department of Revenue has evidence that your business has purposely underreported sales tax or failed to remit it, then an investigator may suggest criminal prosecution. Your own words could be later used against you and it is strongly recommended that you gather your evidence and consult directly with a sales tax crime attorney.

Fast action can help you even if you suspect you are just under investigation for sales tax violations. Stopping the criminal investigation as soon as possible may be the primary goal of your Florida sales tax attorney and this can help you avoid critical consequences that could shape the rest of your life. A knowledgeable attorney is a crucial asset when you need to move forward with protection against allegations of a sales tax crime. Contact our office today.


Foreign Account Reporting Attorney In Orlando

If you have been accused of violations of the foreign account reporting law or are concerned about becoming in compliance as soon as orlando foreign account reporting lawyerpossible, it is in your best interests to consult with a knowledgeable Florida tax attorney. If you are a foreign national in the U.S. or a U.S. national abroad, subject to the U.S. taxing authority, you need to ensure that you have an attorney who is fully committed and understanding of any crippling IRS issues that can develop due to international taxes.

Foreign Bank Account Reporting Compliance

You need someone to assist you whether or not you are interested in developing a plan for compliance or protecting your rights in an IRS litigation matter. The IRS closely watches matters associated with foreign bank account reporting compliance. If you have more than $10,000 in overseas investments or foreign bank accounts, you will need to file a specific form as part your taxes to report this. Taxpayers with allegedly unreported foreign income or foreign bank accounts may be able to participate in an offshore voluntary disclosure program.

These are amnesty terms that require that you ensure that all FBARS are filed, that you filed any amended and original tax returns for the past eight years, a report in any income from global sources, and pay any interests, back taxes, and penalties for as long as eight years. Major penalties of up to 27.5% will be assessed against your noncompliant off-shore accounts. Financial institutions are now mandated to comply with the terms of the foreign account tax compliance act. This requires financial institutions to collect details for account owners and to withhold taxes on selected account earnings. ‘An experienced Foreign Account Reporting Tax attorney can walk you through your options.

Top Priority For The IRS

International tax enforcement has increasingly become a top priority for the IRS which makes it all the more critical to get knowledgeable and talented legal advice about a broad range of off-shore tax issues including submitting the proper information for your foreign account reporting law compliance. Consulting with a lawyer is the only way to protect yourself and to provide you with swift assistance in the event that a problem does arise. Contact our office today for assistance.

Orlando Area Tax Defense Lawyer For IRS Audits

Learning that you have become the subject of an audit can be an overwhelming and confusing orlando tax audit attorneyexperience and one that should only be handled directly by a Florida lawyer for IRS audits. When you have an attorney who has worked in this field for many years, you will gain confidence in his or her management of your case so that you can move on and ensure you provide proper material to the IRS.

IRS Audit Defense

One of the most feared things for any taxpayer is an IRS audit. A taxpayer could successfully work through an audit so long as he or she properly responds to the issues brought up by the IRS. Most audits are looking for information associated with a small selection of issues. Some of these can be done via correspondence and others are done in person. When you have an experienced Florida IRS audit attorney on your side, you will better understand what you are facing. Audit defense is based on appropriate preparation.

Orlando Based Tax Law

As an Orlando based Tax Attorney, I can review all of the relevant records associated with the tax issues and questions and provide you with information about any additional documentation. This ensures that you feel more confident about the management of an audit. It can be very overwhelming to find out that the IRS wishes to speak with you in your home or in your business office.

For this reason, you can use the services of a Florida IRS lawyer to help you schedule these meetings in another location so that you do not feel as though your private or professional space is being invaded. Furthermore, your lawyer can walk you through all of the necessary stages of an audit so that you feel prepared and are not completely unnerved when the IRS shows up to ask you questions.

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Having your materials prepared well in advance and identifying potential problems where you have missing information can give you a better sense of what to do going forward. Your lawyer can also advise you about many of the common missteps engaged in by people who are not familiar with the IRS tactics and who do not know how to proceed appropriately. The right lawyer can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case and should, therefore, be retained as soon as possible to protect your best interests. Contact our office today.