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Consulting with a knowledgeable attorney as soon as you identify that you are under investigation or have questionsTax Law Attorney Orlando FL about compliance with an existing tax issue is extremely important. A full-service tax practice in Florida can give you the necessary information to prepare a plan for compliance and avoid problems with the State Department of Revenue as well as the IRS. Unfortunately, far too many businesses or individuals wait until it is too late and they are facing a problem such as an tax audit or another tax-related issue.

Some of the ways we help our clients include:

Tax Law Knowledge Makes A Difference

Although it is still beneficial to retain a tax law attorney when you find yourself in this position, it is even more valuable to have a knowledgeable attorney working at your side from the moment that you found your business or identify that you need a long-term plan. You need a Florida tax attorney with unrivaled legal representation who will give your assistance with a broad range of issues. You should never have to deal with the State Department of Revenue or the IRS on your own. And in fact, doing so can expose you to serious problems.

When you are struggling with a tax issue that is currently pending with the State Department of Revenue or the IRS, you will need a lawyer in your corner who is familiar with the complicated tax issues and codes and what he or she can do to assist you. A licensed tax attorney will have helped many other clients in similar situations before, whether you are currently attempting to manage an ongoing issue or whether you intend to put a plan in place to avoid tax problems in the future. Bear in mind that personal service from a qualified tax and IRS attorney can give you practical and real help in the time you need it most.

Covering All Of Your Tax Bases

Remember that the IRS has numerous tools in their arsenal when they believe that you owe taxes including levying bank accounts, garnishing your wages and putting liens on your property. If you have a question regarding a sales tax problem, foreign reporting, a disputed tax return, unfiled taxes, a payroll tax liability matter, Tax Evasion or any other tax concern, you need the services provided by a dedicated and experienced law firm.

Personalized service provided to you directly by an experienced lawyer will give you more peace of mind about the management of your claim with regard to issues in state/federal court, in addition to the U.S. tax court. Unfortunately, many Americans and people living in Florida have issues with back taxes.

Owing taxes to the state authorities or the IRS can be very stressful, but failing to resolve the problem can make the situation even worse. A caring tax attorney can help you to put together an optimal agreement including an offer in compromise or an installment plan to help you with proven strategies. It is a big mistake to simply ignore the problem- you will only make it worse and put yourself at risk for more penalties. Rest assured that if you are struggling with complex tax problems that a lawyer is your most valuable asset when you need to raise claims with the DOR or the IRS.

The Process Can Be Frustrating

Trying to handle things on your own only serves to make the entire process more frustrating- you may not be able to tax problems in floridaget ahold of the right person, your paperwork could be lost, and you could make mistakes that end up costing you significantly. The average taxpayer is not comfortable or confident enough to handle these complicated issues and that’s why a lawyer’s insight is so valuable. Hiring the right Florida tax attorney is one of the most important things you will do in your case and it could save you money, time, and frustration.

Fixing things effectively is a typical course of action for a lawyer practicing in this field for years. What your outcome looks like will vary from one case to another, but a lawyer is always beneficial.

A knowledgeable tax attorney will have a complex understanding of how the tax system works and help you to put together the best solution.

Unpaid IRS Taxes

If you owe unpaid taxes to the IRS or have recently received communication from them that you will be under an IRS Audit, you need an attorney immediately. Do not ever try to hide from IRS or fall into the trap of trying to talk to them yourself without professional representation from a Florida tax lawyer. If the IRS is demanding that you agree to a payment plan that is more than you can afford or that you make full payment of back taxes, you need to consider the potential downfalls of doing so. Many taxpayers will try to communicate with the IRS on their own to negotiate a monthly payment plan. The IRS may try to use this conversation as an opportunity to learn detailed information about your employment, types of vehicles, income, and the amount of your mortgage payments.

IRS employees are trained to gather as much information from you as possible which could later be used against you if you fail to agree on payment plan amount. This roadmap will be used to help them decide when and how they want to institute a bank levy, place liens, or seize your assets.

IRS Collections

An IRS collection officer may want you to commit to a payment amount that you will be unable to afford and if you disagree, you will have given the IRS all of the information necessary to go after your house, assets, bank accounts and wages. If you agree to hire a monthly payment amount, disregarding national standards, the IRS is not mandated to inform you about the alternative programs or your rights. These regulations state that a taxpayer who enters into a payment plan with the IRS is entitled to a certain allowance on housing, clothing, food, medical expenses, and transportation. However, you need to hire a Florida tax lawyer who is familiar with all of the strategies that could ultimately be used to resolve back tax problems.

Re-evaluation Of National Standards

First of all, one procedure that you may pursue is non-collectible. If you are declared non-collectible, the IRS will Tax Resources in Orlando Floridastop hounding you for back taxes immediately. If you have no disposable income, the IRS can still reevaluate national standards although being declared as non-collectible will stop any further collections for up to two years. They will evaluate future tax returns to figure out whether your income has increased and then will consider resuming collection actions. A payment plan is another option available to you when you hire an experienced Florida tax lawyer. The amount that you will pay to the IRS is determined by incorporating national standard allowances for housing, clothing, and other expenses into an appropriate monthly payment.

An offer in compromise is another opportunity to settle your debt to IRs for less than what you owe. This requires equity and assets and your net monthly income to come up with the minimum acceptable offer amount. This is very cumbersome and complicated process since the IRS would much prefer to collect all of the taxes due. However, this means that your attorney should put in considerable effort and time to review your unique financial situation when they analyze whether or not an offer and compromise are in your best interest.

Appeals and Abatement Of Penalties

Appeals and abatement of penalties are other options available to you when you hire an experienced Florida tax lawyer who can evaluate your individual situation and figure out what is most appropriate for you. It is not uncommon for business owners and individuals to have questions about their taxes but failing to find the appropriate answers to these questions can lead to a bigger issue. If you do not rectify issues with the IRS, it could lead to criminal prosecution and therefore, you need an experienced Florida tax attorney who can evaluate your individual situation.

At some point in time, practically every citizen in America will have some type of issue with the IRS. Whether it is not filing, owing more money than you are capable of paying, filing late, or incurring penalties, there are many different ways that the IRS can engage you in an adversarial way. Many of these encounters can make business owners and individuals feel hopeless and lost because the cost of battling the IRS can be a great challenge.

Ignoring Your Tax Problems Our Of Fear Or Stress Will Not Make Them Go Away

Ignoring your tax problems, however, is another common mistake because this does not make them go away. The tax law attorney in central floridapenalties and interests that accrue can only make the problem worse and can put you in a difficult cycle that is impossible to escape. You need someone who has handled many different types of IRS situations who can walk you through these and help you figure out the right solution for you. You need the services provided by a Florida tax lawyer who will not look at you in judgment but rather consider your individual situation and figure out what is most appropriate for you.

Tax Information And Resources

Many people have medical bills they can’t pay or suffer in an accident, others are suffering financial hardship because they were recently divorced. Unfortunately, many good people across Florida have debt problems and you are not alone. A Florida unpaid taxes lawyer is your most important resource as you move forward with a legal case. Whether it’s property taxes, sales taxes, or employment issues, you deserve to have a lawyer at your side.

Many people assume that they could discharge their taxes in bankruptcy although this is hardly ever the case. For this reason, you will need a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the options available to you and who can help you with figuring out the most appropriate ways to come into compliance as soon as possible.

It’s Common To Fall Behind On Tax Issues

Often you have fallen behind on tax issues because you are unsure of what to do or you do not have the funds to pay your back taxes. In these unique situations, you need the services of a lawyer who will evaluate your past tax returns or help you come into compliance immediately as well as minimizing the potential consequences.

There are many different reasons why you could benefit from hiring a Florida tax lawyer and taking action promptly is recommended because the penalties and other potential consequences can stack up quickly. Far too many people put off getting help with their complicated tax issues because they have anxiety or fear over the situation. While this is a natural response, it is not helping you to make things any easier. IRS matters and Florida Department of Revenue matters are sensitive and extremely crucial and even a minor mistake can cost you dearly in the form of money and time.

Protect Yourself And Your Future

If you want to protect yourself as well as your business from interest, penalties, and even criminal actions, it is a good plan to hire someone who is knowledgeable about tax representation to manage this situation for you. Your Florida tax attorney will have the background knowledge to put together a clean action plan for your case and to put it into place.  

Tax representatives are licensed, trained, and prepared to manage the details involved in the tax settlement and resolution process. If you are having problems with the IRS, only a knowledgeable Florida tax attorney can give you attorney-client privilege. This means that your lawyer is exempt from appearing in court to testify against you and that if your tax case should get to trial and you have chosen to work with CPA or tax preparation company, your CPA might actually testify and harm your case.  

Obtaining A Tax Settlement

Only a Florida tax attorney will have dedicated experience in obtaining tax settlements. While a CPA could be aware tax settlement in orlando floridaof certain tax settlement options, they do not have a comprehensive understanding of the specifics of the relevant programs as well as the importance of the details in applying for these. Tax codes and laws are extremely complex and can change on an annual basis. There are many different programs available to taxpayers in challenging situations to get back on track and to come back into compliance without having to pay all of the necessary penalties typically assessed by the IRS. Consulting with an attorney will give you a greater sense of confidence about the management of your case and peace of mind. Contact us today for assistance.